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Your First Showing May Not Really Be Your First Showing (Published on, February 2012)

In this Internet age, your first showing is long before the first potential buyers arrive at your doorstep: it’s actually the moment your listing appears on the MLS. The photos of your house, along with the pricing and listing description, determine whether or not your house is considered good enough for an in-person look, or placed on the “do-not-see” list.

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"Raise the Curtain - Home Staging to Live" ( An edited version was published in Home & Design magazine, January 2006)

Making a home more appealing on the real estate market is just one side of professional home staging and redesign. Home&Design sits down with Kathi Presutti, Accredited Staging Professional™ with the International Association of Home Staging Professionals™, and President of RE:STYLE Limited liability Company in Brighton, to discuss the flip side--Staging to Live.
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"Caution, Hazardous Home Ahead" (Published in Home&Design magazine, November 2005)

The place that gives you solace and comfort could also be the source of headaches, sore throats, asthma attacks and lung damage. Poor indoor air quality could be making your home a not-so-safe haven.
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"Rooms With A Hue" (Published in Home&Design magazine, October, 2005)

Painting your walls is an easy way to makeover a room, but choosing paint colors can be tough. Given fickle color trends, and endless shade and finish options, white walls begin to look quite attractive--and easy. But experts say that by forgoing color, you're missing out on adding vibrance and personality to your home.
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"Upgrade Your Exterior" (Published in Home&Design magazine, July, 2005)

When it comes to home improvement, low-maintenance and high energy-efficient solutions top the "wanted" list, according to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Before you begin your home's makeover, consider the options that offer both function and fashion.
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