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RE:STYLE Reviews

Our clients say the nicest things! Below you will find comments from homeowners, Realtors, and others, including Barb Schwarz, the founder of Home Staging!

Quotes about RE:STYLE from Barb Schwarz, founder of Home Staging® and CEO of

 “Wow…Wow…Wow…I am so, so, so proud of YOU!!!!!

Girl, look what you have done…these are some of the best I have ever seen and I mean it…I am putting you into the newsletter and I want to know if it is alright with you to put your pics on the home page of SHC? Also, can I add them to our photos in class with full credit to you and also on the before and after section of pics in the university with full credit to you…? Please let me know as it would be my honor to ‘brag’ on you and toot your horn…Fabulous…fabulous…you did such a wonderful job…”

Barb Schwarz, after seeing Before and After photos from RE:STYLE’s first vacant home staging project

Premiere home stager in Michigan providing expert home staging services
House SOLD! to the 3rd person through (after being staged)



“I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting Kathi and having her stage my home.  She took an ordinary, datedhouse into one of a modern, fresh look.  People who have seen the house have said that it didn't look like the same house.

Kathi was a pleasure to work with, and was very conscientious about sticking to my budget.  She would always consult me before buying anything that she thought I would have concerns with.

We were in Florida during the renovation, and she served as project manager for us.  She interviewed and foundbuilders, carpet cleaners, house cleaners, window washers.  She selected the paint and carpeting that we had replaced, and she had exquisite taste.

Her staging was incredible. She did things that were simple, but took into account the look I was trying to achieve,and did things that I would never had thought of.  The house is for sale, and I have high hopes that it will sell in short order.

If you are looking for a stager, contact Kathi.  You won't be disappointed.”

Jan H., Homeowner
Whitmore Lake, MI


“This is fabulous and I’m so proud of you for all you are accomplishing. You are doing wonderful!! Please be sure to let us know when to watch National Open House. I’m putting the pics in the newsletter too. If you have any before shots and please send your press coverage for the newsletter piece. Thank you for telling me and keep up the great work!!! Hugs!”

Barb Schwarz, when informed that RE:STYLE has 2 houses that will appear on HGTV’s National Open House

expert home staging services from home stagers in Brighton

Staging a house for sale with home stagers in Brighton

Both Houses SOLD!

“I have no hesitation referring Kathi for home Staging as I have seen her work and am always impressed with the end results. Kathi was chosen by me to assist with the Staging for the Today Show. I have sees her reviews of HGTV’s National Open House and other homes she has staged, as well as a project she participated in for our ASP Worldwide Staging Service Day and the Ronald McDonald House in Detroit.

By choosing Kathi to professionally Stage your home you can be confident that you are working with an ASP who will use proven professional guidelines and possesses the skills, talent and knowledge needed to serve you with the opportunity to sell your home for top dollar in the shortest amount of time possible.”

Barb Schwarz
Letter of Recommendation to a Realtor in West Bloomfield, MI

home stagers in Ann Arbor staging a house for sale

Kathi Presutti and Barb Schwarz have lots to share about expert home staging

Barb Schwarz with Kathi Presutti at the home staging taping for the Today Show. Click here to view

Homeowner and Investor Testimonials for RE:STYLE

 “Kathi’s staging skills definitely helped my home sell. I received consistently positive comments on how well my home showed after she worked her magic! I especially appreciated her sensitivity to my needing to stay within a tight budget, and her creativity in working around the color scheme that was already in my home. I would definitely recommend her services to clients who are putting their homes on the market.”

Deborah G., Homeowner and Realtor
Ann Arbor, MI

add front door curb appeal when staging a house for sale
House SOLD! for 97.6 % of list!

“Kathi was a true professional in the way she interacted with us as the homeowners. Her ideas for laying out our home look great and make sense for every day living as well as for our feature on HGTV.”

Drew and Hilary C., Homeowners
Ann Arbor, MI


home stagers in Michigan can help with staging a house for sale
House featured on HGTV’s “National Open House” and SOLD! for 96.5 % of list
expert home staging services can help a home sell faster!
House SOLD! within 2 months of being staged, despite having been on the market, vacant, for 15 months prior to staging

“I am pleased to announce that we signed a sales contract on the house today. After 17 months on the market, we finally sold it. Judy said the buyers were impressed with the staging. Thanks for helping us get this done! We should have engaged you one year ago!”

Lloyd J., Homeowner
Troy, MI


“We have been receiving great feedback from buyers and realtors about the home. My husband really loved all the rooms, especially the master bedroom. We have been bragging about your work to some of our friends so do not be surprised if you get some calls.”

Uma K. Homeowner
Pittsfield Township, MI


As home stagers in Brighton, RE:STYLE can add front door curb appeal and help with staging a house for sale
House SOLD! for 95.3% of list
Staging a house for sale is easy with expert home staging services
Condo SOLD! in 138 days

“Thanks to you for your lovely staging furniture. Hands down the feedback was spectacular throughout, in large part due to your staging abilities!”

Ivan M., Homeowner,
Ann Arbor, MI


expert home staging services help you sell your home more quickly
House SOLD! in 88 days for $333,000

“Our showings consistently were great—one of the top houses to show, no one ever had any suggestions or changes. The agent who brought our buyers had shown our house to 2 other families because she knew our house showed so well.  In fact, she said ‘Please let the client know that their house was absolutely in the best showing condition of anything I have shown lately.’

Thanks for your help. I wholeheartedly recommend using a home stager, and you did a beautiful job.”

Jessica L., Homeowner



I wanted to let you know that we wrote an offer and got it accepted on the home you so BEAUTIFULLY !!!!!! staged on Mast Road! You did such a great job that my client wants to take pictures today during the inspection so she can remember how great it looks.

Thanks!  It soooooo works!”

C. S.
Realtor, Brighton, MI

This is one of RE:STYLE’s clients giving us a referral:


Kathi’s help was invaluable! She staged our home and it sold to the first couple through (with a signed agreement in 8 days!). Kathi started by making a to-do list, many items of which I would have put on myself, but some I wouldn’t have thought of or prioritized as she did. She kept in contact with me—providing guidance (and nudging) along the way as I worked on getting those things on the to-do list done. We set a date and she and her assistant came back and worked the whole day — rearranging furniture, adding accent furniture, putting up pictures and other accessories, etc.


Staging a house for sale or adding front door curb appeal will help get a house sold more quickly
House SOLD! for over 97% of list

All the feedback I got from friends and my Realtor was incredibly positive. The house’s good points and charming features stood out and all the “problem” areas were less obvious by the time Kathi was done.

I think the staging Kathi did really helped my house sell quickly. I’m sure that I priced it well, but if it hadn’t looked at its best, the price alone would not have done the trick.

As you can tell, I’m a convert to the benefits of staging—I think it was well worth the effort and expense. I felt like Kathi was my ally in getting the house ready to sell. The whole process was a lot of work for me and having Kathi’s support was really helpful.”

Megan M., Homeowner
Chelsea, MI


As home stagers in Ann Arbor, RE:STYLE provides expert home staging services
House SOLD! in 141 days

“Inspired by your suggestions, we really worked hard and are so pleased that you think it looks good. Tonya was an invaluable helper in this process and it was a lot of fun to work with her….We’ll definitely pass along your contact info to friends and acquaintances.”

Rebekah P., Homeowner
Ann Arbor, MI


“We would like to thank Kathi for the exceptional job she did staging our home. The house was on the market for two years. In less than two months after the staging, it was sold. The buyer liked it so much they asked if the furniture was for sale.”

Robert and Stephanie K., Homeowners
Howell, MI


home stagers in Michigan, like RE:STYLE, provide expert home staging advice
House SOLD! for over 94% of list

"After RE:STYLE—3 viewings, 2 offers. Prior to RE:STYLE—7 viewings, zero offers. Just thought you would want to know. Thanks for your help!”

Brad S., Investor
Clarkston, MI


Need help staging a house for sale? Expert home staging services can help!
Condo-SOLD! 98.6% of list
Adding front door curb appeal is helpful when staging a house for sale
House SOLD! to person from 1st
Open House for 95.9% of list

“I felt your assessment and suggestions were very helpful yesterday, and I also appreciate the slipcover websites—thank you. My husband and I are getting to work on preparing the house, and I look forward to showing you the home again.”

Rachel F., Homeowner
Chelsea, MI

“The pictures of the house look great! I’m especially impressed with the way Kathi made the blue countertops in the upstairs bathrooms seem like they made sense there.”

Vicki C., Homeowner
Brighton, MI


Get your house sold with expert home staging services from RE:STYLE
House SOLD! in 62 days for 97.8% of list
home stagers in Brighton, like RE:STYLE, agree that expert home staging services can sell a house more quickly
House SOLD! in 100 days

“Our home had sat vacant for 2 years without much activity before I contacted RE:STYLE LLC to inquire about staging my home. Kathi Presutti was so professional and had some wonderful suggestions for me. She transformed my home into a place that looked warm and inviting and we ended up selling the home four months later. It truly was worth the investment!”

Laura S., Homeowner
Brighton, MI


Realtor Testimonials for RE:STYLE

“Kathi and RE:STYLE have helped many of our clients transform their homes into showplaces. We’ve found RE:STYLE staged homes sell faster and for more money. Our sellers love working with Kathi.”

Todd B., Realtor/Broker
Brighton, MI


RE:STYLE provides expert home staging services whether staging a house for sale or adding front door curb appeal
House shown SOLD! in 3 days
after staging

This was the house that had Barb Schwarz raving about RE:STYLE’s work:

“I’m convinced now on the value of staging.  I had a vacant house that had over 65 showings, but no offers. After having the house staged, I received an offer on it from the 3rd showing. Kathi’s ‘artist’s eye’ and marketing background, in addition to her staging training, makes all the difference in the world. I offer her service to all my clients now.”

Debbi D., Realtor
Ann Arbor, MI

When staging a house for sale, expert home staging services can make the difference
House SOLD! in 31 days after staging
As home stagers in Michigan, RE:STYLE provides expert home staging services
House shown SOLD! in less than
2 months after staging

 “Kathi has been an invaluable assistance in selling our listings quicker and for more money. As a professional, she works well with our team and our clients and we plan on continuing to use her as our stager to help get our homes SOLD!”

Karen J., Realtor/Broker
Brighton, MI


"After RE:STYLE staged my Pine Creek listing, I never again heard what had been a deal-breaking complaint--that the house was 'too cold.' The staging definitely influenced the sale of this house, and did so in a relatively short period of time. Kathi has demonstrated that she has the high taste level necessary to stage these upper-end listings. And she made it fun!"

Sheryl M., Realtor and #1 Selling Agent
South Lyon, MI

Staging a house for sale can get it sold faster
Luxury Home SOLD! for over $760,000
Sell your house faster with expert home staging services from RE:STYLE
House LEASED! in one week
after staging!

 “The home on Woodland looks great, was there yesterday putting up sign and lockbox and measuring rooms. The bathrooms are the most dramatic difference, but the paint, carpet and staging certainly finish it out. I think it will make a real difference in getting people excited about the property.

Thanks for your help, and we hope we get to call you to move your home décor out of the home quickly.”

Scott B., Realtor
Brighton, MI


“I wasn’t sure how much it would help without repainting the entire interior, but wow! The home now shows great, blue countertops and all!”

Randy M., Realtor
Brighton, MI


Looking for expert home staging services? RE:STYLE can help with staging a house for sale or adding front door curb appeal!
House SOLD! in winter, just 2 months
after staging
Expert home staging services from RE:STYLE can help you sell your house faster!
Luxury Home SOLD! for over $2 million in just 6 months

“Thank you again for your wonderful work, stamina and professionalism! As I turned out the lights last night, I couldn’t help but admire, one more time, the life and beauty you helped to bring to 100 Underdown.”

Shiela D., Realtor
Ann Arbor, MI


"I referred you to Gay  (photo) because you did tell the truth about that house on Copper Creek! In this market, the truth may hurt  their feelings but it is necessary.

When you left the comments, I sent an email to my client and told them, him in particular, that this is the way it is and it comes from one of the most respected Stagers in our marketplace. End result: the house was just painted on the inside and they removed that ungodly, huge frig. So THANK YOU. When the discussion of a Stager arises your name will be on my lips. And Gay did email me to tell me how much she, too, liked what you suggested and what the two of you did."

Tom M., Realtor
Ann Arbor, MI

Whether staging a house for sale or adding front door curb appeal, RE:STYLE can provide the expert home staging services to get your house sold!




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