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Sell Your House Faster!

RE:STYLE knows how to make your house MOVE...

Sell your house faster with expert home staging services from RE:STYLE staging a house for sale helps it sell faster
  • We'll use our "buyers eyes" to scout out everything starting at the curb, going through the house, and ending in the backyard--that would cause a buyer to pause, or to ask for a price concession

  • We'll use home staging techniques to transform your "home" into a "house" that appeals to the broadest range of buyers

  • Our accredited home stagers will color your house "SOLD!" by showing you the paint colors that work well with your existing furnishings, and speak volumes to buyers

  • We'll neutralize your decor, yet still give it that "WOW!" factor with home staging techniques

  • The best way to sell a house fast is to make the most of your home's features (that's what you're selling) and minimize the flaws

  • When staging your home to sell, we'll show you how to add more light and life to your kitchen and baths -- the rooms that really sell houses!

  • With professional home staging, we recommend what to de-clutter, and show you ways to keep it like that -- even with children and pets in the house!

  • We'll fill a vacant house with warmth (and furniture and accessories) when staging your home to sell, so it no longer leaves buyers cold

  • We'll demonstrate how to create the "Emotion, Emotion, Emotion" that sells a house, even one without the most desirable "Location, Location, Location"

Contact us to learn more about RE:STYLE's services, and how home staging can help your house SELL instead of SIT.

Staging a home to sell can help it sell faster
accredited home stagers use professional staging techniques, which is often the best way to sell a house fast!

"Kathi's help was invaluable! She staged our home and it sold to the first couple through (with signed agreement in 8 days)!

The house's good points and charming features stood out and all the "problem" areas were less obvious by the time Kathi was done.

I think the home staging Kathi did really helped my house sell quickly."

Megan M., Homeowner in Chelsea , MI


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