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RE:STYLE Home Staging and Redesign Services

ReStyle Home Staging Services

Remember—the investment in home staging is always less than your first price reduction!


“Real estate broker Joy Valentine published a study showing professionally ‘staged’ homes sold in 13.9 days, half the usual time on the market—and went for 6.3% over list price, or four times the average markup (1.6%) on unstaged homes.”

The Wall Street Journal, “Home, Bland Home” by June Fletcher

The RE:STYLE “Do-It-Yourself Home Staging” Consultation

Looking for expert advice, but plan to do some or all of the home staging techniques on your own? Then you’re looking for RE:STYLE’s DIY Home Staging Consultation. This is the “mini” option, where you take the notes while a RE:STYLE Accredited Staging Professional tours your house with you. We point out anything that may keep buyers from purchasing your home, or that may give them an excuse to “bargain down” the price, and give you useful tips on getting your home ready to sell.

This consultation usually takes two hours. We show you photos of RE:STYLE's home staging projects, and give you plenty of suggestions on how to use home staging techniques to do much of the staging yourself. If you would like RE:STYLE to come back and refine what you have done, spending an hour or two doing hands-on touch-ups, that can be included as well.

Many Realtors choose this option to “gift” to their clients. A version of this service, called the Home Staging Walk-through Consultation, is also available for vacant houses, and is part of the service when estimating the investment needed for home staging services for a vacant property.

home staging and redesign services

See how staging your home can pay off big for your home appraisal value!

“If your house has a lot of competition in the market you need to measure up. Think of it as show biz.”,
May 31, 2005

The RE:STYLE “Do-It-Yourself Home Staging” Recommendation Report

When you want to have your home properly prepared for sale, and you want even more detail—in writing--the RE:STYLE Home Staging Recommendation Report is the DIY “maxi” version.

RE:STYLE will meet with you, go through your home room by room, and write up a detailed list of instructions so that you can implement professional home staging techniques to stage the house yourself. If you would like RE:STYLE to come back and refine what you have done, spending an hour or two doing hands-on touch-ups, that can be included as well. Contact us about our expert home staging and redesign services and to find out all the ways in which RE:STYLE can help you prepare your home for a fast sale!

Hands-on Home Staging Services — The Best Way to Sell A House Fast!

You’re ready to turn your home into a house—one that will appeal to the broadest range of buyers and that will sell more quickly, for top dollar. You’re ready to let one of Michigan's top home staging companies - RE:STYLE - help you clear your clutter, get the kitsch out of the kitchen and liven up your living room! This service includes rearranging furniture, accessorizing using your pieces or providing some from RE:STYLE’s home staging inventory, and creating front door curb appeal. This is the service that will get your house in selling shape, using our home staging and redesign services.

RE:STYLE will stage your whole house, or selected rooms only—your choice.

“Though some homeowners may be hesitant to spend the money to make changes, repairs and improvements shortly before selling a home they have lived in for years…it is money well spent.”

The Journal-Standard, “Setting the Stage” by Tabitha Engel, June 18, 2005

home staging techniques
sell a home faster with home staging services from ReStyle

“Home staging, where a professional designer reworks an occupied home to take advantage of the best features or takes a vacant home and makes it look comfortably lived in, has become more popular with real estate brokers and home sellers in the last couple of years.”

Daily News, “Setting the stage to sell a home—faster” by Susan Brickman, November 17, 2005

RE:STYLE Home Staging Color Consultations For Selling or Living

Don’t paint until you consult with RE:STYLE on the proper colors for home staging! Too often, sellers choose favorite shades that they may like, but that many buyers don’t! This is a crucial service for those getting ready to put their homes on the market. A one-hour Home Staging Color Consultation can really save you money!

This service is also available as a design service to those who may be staying in their homes, but who would like a new, fresh look.
home staging and redesign services available
home staging project management services

RE:STYLE Home Staging Project Management Service

This option is great for those who are unable (time, distance, etc.) to oversee remodeling or updating work that has been recommended by RE:STYLE. We will find trusted contractors, get bids and oversee all the work—turning your to-do list into ta-dah!


RE:STYLE Home Staging Shopping Service

Let us search for that chair that’ll have you sitting pretty, or the lighting that will brighten your daily life. Anything from accessories to zebra-striped rugs—RE:STYLE will find it for you!
“According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, professionally staged homes can sell twice as fast for 15 percent more money than non-staged homes.”

Bucks County Courier Times, “Set up to sell” by Crissa Shoemaker, August, 2005

RE:STYLE Offers "Staging To Live" Home Staging and Redesign Services

This is how to get a new look without a lot of expense. RE:STYLE will “shop your house” and bring a fresh eye and fresh ideas to your living spaces. Your taste dictates, and RE:STYLE follows.

Need suggestions for paint colors? Want some different ideas for surfaces (counters, floors)? Looking for coaching on couch selection? RE:STYLE will help with these style issues and other, more extensive improvements as well.

Ann Arbor's leading home staging services

Any of the home staging and redesign services, above, can be combined to achieve the results you are after. Please contact us for more details or to schedule an appointment today!



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